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The steps of creating a problem are described below.

Click on the link "Create Problem"


The "Create Problem" link is to be found in the sidebar MENU.
You have to be registered to create a problem.
If you are a new user, please register here User registration.


Create requested problem formula


Fill in the problem forumal of the problem you want to create.

Problem Name Problem title
(E.g.) mixed decimal and fraction calculation for 6th grade
Language Select problem language.
Approval status Approval status of the problem. There are three possible status.
If approved, the problem will be published.
  • Approval pending
  • Approved
  • Not approved
Category Enter category name of the problem.
If the category already exists, you can choose it by clicking on the [Examples] below.
Problem Text Enter the problem text that will be shown on the created problem sheet.
(E.g.) The answer has to be written with up to one decimal place and including the remainder.
Problem Formula Input the number of questions for each problem.
For more details click here.
(E.g.) $1+$2=
Solution Formula Input the answer formula for each problem.
For more details click here.
(E.g.) $1+$2=$3
Answer Only input the part of solution formula that indicates the problem answer.
For more details click here.
(E.g.) $3
Second-order condition Enter the rules for the problem to be created.
For more details click here.
Generatable number of problems for this pattern Enter the number of questions that can be generated.
Notes Space for notes.

Complete problem


Click the "Check" button to check the problem and answer formulas for misstakes.
Click "Preview" to display problem and answer formulas. If an error occurs, check if any of the required fields were left empty or if there is a mistake in the syntax.
Syntax errors will be shown below the button.
The button "Save temporarily", saves problems while they are still created. The number of problems for temporary saving is limited to 30.
You can edit as many times as you want, but you can only create 4 questions during editing.
When the problem is completed, click "Save permanently" to save the problem.
You cannot edit or delete anymore after saving a problem permanently. If you didn't save permanently, changes will not be added to the preview.
After the saving permanently, problems will be published.


When you finished creating, the problem detail display will be shwon.

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