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In the following it is described how to print problems.

Search problem


Search problems you want to print.
For search methods click here.

Add to print list


Click "Select" button next to the problem you want to add on the "search problem" screen index.
Or click "Add to print list" when you are on the detail screen of the problem you want to create.


Go to print list display page to check if the problems you added to the print list have been added.


Add to print list and edit


Click "Continue with Problem Selection" if you want to add a problem.
There will be a "Problem search page" where you can add problems to the print list.
If you want to undo your selection click the red x next to the problem.
A maximum of 5 problems can be added to the print list at once.

If you want to change the order of displayed problems, click the arrow on the left side of the problem you want to move.
Click the up button if you want to move problems up and click the down button to move them down.

If you want to change the numer of generated questions for a problem you can change the value in the field determining the number of questions to generate.
If the changed value is however exceeding the possible number of questions that can be generated, the latter number of questions will be generated.


Create problem


After editing the print list, click "View in browser" or "Download PDF" to print problems.


Click "View in browser" to display the problem directly in the browser.
Click "PDF download" to download the problem as PDF file.

If you check "Single column", the questions will be displayed in single columns.

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