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About MathPub

About MathPub

Share own math problems and access those created by people all over the world!!

MathPub has been created to share teaching materials for students from elementary to high school levels.
A special feature of MathPub is the description language for math problems that allows users to freely create math problems and sample solutions that can be saved, modified and reviewed.
Occuring $x variables in the problems and solutions will be assigned random numbers and the requested number of problems and sample solutions will be automatically generated. If the requested number is 5, the system will genereate 5 problems and sample solutions accordingly. The site will enable users worldwide to create problems in their mother language.
It is our goal, that people all around the world can share and access math problems and sample solutions in any language they want.

What's different from other maths sites

The main points that distinguish MathPub from other maths sites can be listed as follows:

  • Rather than only providing a traditional collection of maths problems, MathPub's system features a desciption language that allows users to create math problems.

  • The system only requires the data in the form of a description language formula data sheet to be able to interpret the conditions for the determination of numbers and the generation of a problem and is hence completely different from traditional systems that follow fixed rules.

  • Users interested in sharing math problems online, can simply follow the Instruction Manual
    to learn how to create new math problems and make them available for people all around the world.

  • Currently the problem collection for contemporary maths education in Japan has been pre-registered as the original data.

  • For those, providing material, the existing data is available for review.

How MathPub works

Math problem examples

Name Sample Formula PDF Description
division problems
using integer and
decimalfor 4th grade(10)

PDF: Creating a problem sample 3 digits, 3 digits division practice,
rounded up to 2 decimal places
division problems
using integer and
decimal for 5th grade(4)

PDF: Creating a problem sample Up to 3 digits integer division practivce,
rounded up to 2 decimal places
mixed calculation
problems using fraction and
decimal for 6th grade(3)

PDF: Creating a problem sample Fraction and decimal,
division and multiplication practice
Applied problem(2) PDF: Creating a problem sample Word problem (application problem) sample

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